Weird, wacky and mouth-watering pizza toppings

Are you a pizza lover?

We all love to tuck into a tasty, tantalizing pizza when we feel hungry or look for something delicious to eat on our cheat day that definitely worth the cheating!

Melting cheese, mushrooms, tomato and bacon are common ingredients that you would be familiar when you hear about pizza. However, there are a number of other weird, wacky and mouth-watering toppings that you can’t imagine how delicious are, which have their origins from other countries with different cultures.  Although pizza is an Italian traditional dish, many nations have turned their own cooking flavours into pizza!

A & Z Twinshhh put forward some strange, unusual but very delish pizza toppings that will drive you crazy!

Credits to: Stu Helm: Food Fan
Credits to: Pizza Goon

Weird and Wacky Pizza

Want to turn your basic pizza dough into something fancy and interesting? Then why don’t you try squid ink pizza? After you’ve had squid ink pasta and squid ink risotto or bread; now it is time for the squid ink pizza. As you can imagine this pizza will be black and can be a great dish for Halloween. You can add yoghurt, cheese, octopus and your pizza will have this fishy flavour that will bring you summer vibes in mind!


For those who look for something eclectic here is a topping combination that you surely have to try. We talk about strawberry pizza of course! Strawberries on a pizza might sound a bit odd at first, but the result will pay you off. Taking into consideration that strawberries will replace tomato, they will add this juicy and roasty in the oven flavour on your pizza that promise you to be your new favourite! All you need to add is mozzarella that will melt on a whole wheat crust, fresh basil, chicken, sweet onion, Applewood bacon and a drizzle of balsamic glaze. Will thank us later!

Exotic Dream

For all our foodie friends out there who want to go wild, here is a combination that you can’t miss out. An incredibly exotic combination of crocodile, emu and kangaroo pizza either combined or as separated toppings will surprise you with how delicious your pizza can be. Although, it is quite unusual to find a place that serves this ‘’true blue’’ pizza, which has its origins from Australia, you definitely have to try it once! Marinated in native peppers, served with cayenne and native berries can add this slightly sweet and sour flavour that is very promising!

Mediterranean Style

With this Mediterranean style pizza you can’t go wrong! A pizza topping which we are all in love with and can’t stop tasting it. This tried and tested pizza recipe is the ultimate fresh dinner that everyone will devour. With fresh tomatoes, caramelized onions, Greek Feta cheese, olives and delicious veggies, this pizza is a must for you to try out!