Are you sick of the weather? Your routine? And your work?

We know exactly what you need! Holidays! Don’t ask us where… To the Bahamas of course!

The Bahamas or officially  the Commonwealth of the Bahamas is part of  the Lucayan Archipelago which contains 700 different cays and islets  in the Atlantic Ocean. The capital of Bahamas is Nassau, an exotic island on New Providence. The  Bahamas are popular for the archipelago which is an ecological oasis boasting for the clearest waters on the planet.

The Bahamas are also special for their dark side as they are former shelter of pirates, smugglers and rum-runners which make the place a unique destination for holidays in Caribbean. Some other beauties that make Bahamas special are the miles of undisturbed white sandy beaches, innumerable coral gardens and a 1,000 square of lagoon, to name a few.

For those of you that love nature, you will be delighted to learn that Bahamas are the home of the outstanding group of tropical floral and fauna and they are definitely a “must” choice to  any trip to the area. In the water you can explore all different kinds of aquatic life including turtles, starfish, dolphins, manatees, various races of tropical fishes and sharks. Yeah, maybe we shouldn’t have mentioned the last one! On the land,  you can meet raccoons, frogs, craps, wild horses and a huge variety of colourful parrots. Don’t worry about the racoons, they are adorable!

If the above are not enough for you, then what about this? Bahamas are some of the best diving places in the world, as the waters tend to be always warm and clean, allowing visitors to enjoy the beauties. There have been also some sunken ships across the coastline of New Providence Island, which makes diving experience even more fascinating. Bahamas are a place which definitely keep alive the reputation of their name as the best holiday destination in the world.

However, a trip to The Bahamas would not have been completed without visiting the Paradise Island. It’s a place which covers all sorts of entertainment; from casinos, night clubs, restaurants, shopping to the much sought after world-famous Atlantis Paradise Island Resort.

Without a doubt the biggest event in Bahamas is Junkanoo which takes place on Boxing Day on December 26 and New Year’s Day on January 1. The festival is pretty much a street parade where groups of people dress up and walk around the streets wearing costumes and masks made by coloured crepe paper. The feast includes considerate loud music which inspires people dancing in the streets. Imagine costumes, music and colour; It all sounds like a proper party!

And for those of you who love a little bit of glitter and glamour in your life, the Bahamas are really famous to celebrities who visit the place a lot of times during the season for a little fun and relaxing. If you are lucky enough, don’t be surprised if you find yourself enjoying the sun and drinking your lovely cocktail Tequila Sunrise next to Brad Pitt!

In other words, The Bahamas is a great holiday destination and friendly to your pocket. Many airline companies such as British Airways and KLM offer frequent flights to the place and you can enjoy your trip from the start till the end. This leaves you with unforgettable adventures which you will remember. However, if you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid to meet new people, then  you might be better staying at home!