Growing up As twins

As the name of the blog suggests, we are the A & Z Twins-hhh.

Our lives as twins seem special. We get many questions and comments about being twins as it is something that many people are curious about. A lot of people say they always wanted to be a twin or wondered what it was like. We will try to respond to some of your questions below.

We are fraternal twins but everyone says that we really look alike. If you are curious,  we are five minutes apart.  Our personalities complete each other. She is what I am not and I am what she is not. We create the perfect combination.

Our mother never dressed us alike and as we were getting older we kept dressing differently although we had the same clothes but in different colours.

We almost agree on everything, do everything together as a team and have mostly the same interests and passions. Most of the times, people prefer to call us as ‘The twins’ and not with our names.

On the other hand, being a twin means that when you speak, you usually use the word ‘We’ and not ‘I’ and this is somehow automatic.

We never really had a twin language or anything, but we would say we have a deeper connection than just sisters. There is also just a very deep level of understanding and communication that we share. The most amazing thing about being a twin is that you have always had someone with you since you were born.

After this short description of how it feels to be twins, let’s get into the nitty-gritty on life as a twin.

Twins can ‘trap’ others

Being twins that look alike comes with benefits. We have switched maths tests and our teacher never realised that the test with my sister’s name wasn’t mine. Also, I have responded to a call that was meant to be for my sister and the person on the line never realised that she was talking to me instead of my sister.

Comparisons can be annoying

One of the worst things about being a twin is that we’re constantly being compared. No one wants to be the ‘shorter’ twin or the ‘worse’ at school.

People usually give them the same gifts

Growing up as a twin, most people assume you’re exactly alike, and it feels like people regard twins as one person. Therefore, they bring you the same gifts maybe because they think that you are pair and not an individual or because they want to be fair. However, if you want to buy a gift for your twin friends, you can pick different gifts, they will appreciate it!

People say odd things to us, but we got used to it

Many people asked us if our mother could tell each other apart. Of course, she knows which one we are!

We’re often asked if have the same birthday. Also, when we say to people that we are twins they often ask “when is your birthday?” and then they ask my sister the same question when it’s obvious that we have the same birthday. It’s funny, I know.

“I am seeing double” is also a common comment or “ Excuse me, are you twins or am I just too drunk?” is another common question that we are asked. I know, there is a large variety of questions.

Single invite to parties and events

When it comes to parties and events, twins are considered as a single invite, which means you only have to buy one gift. Also, you always have a date.

Facts about twins

What did ancient Greeks think of twins?

First of all, twins existed in ancient years. In Greek mythology, twins caused ambivalent reactions and were believed to have ambivalent feelings for each other. Very often, they were viewed as the representatives of the dualistic nature of the universe.

Do twins talk to each other in the womb?

The results suggest that twin fetuses are aware of their counterparts in the womb, that they prefer to interact with them, and that they respond to them in special ways. Contact between them appeared to be planned—not an accidental outcome of spatial proximity, says study co-author Cristina Becchio of Turin.

What is special about being a twin?

First of all, you get more attention without trying too much. You may have visited a bar once and then you may re-visit the same bar after 2 weeks and the staff still remembers you. Also, being a twin means your life is full of paradoxes and contradictions. Twins feel more “whole” when they’re together, but they’re two different people.

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